133819-02 - RTD/TC Temp I/O Module

133819-02 -  RTD/TC Temp I/O Module
133819-02 -  RTD/TC Temp I/O Module

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Part Number: 133819-02
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Series: 3500
Product Type: RTD/TC Temp I/O Module
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

133819-02 is an RTD/TC Temp I/O Module developed by General Electric. It is a 3500/61 RTD/TC Non-Isolated I/O Module with Internal Terminations. Along with this component, the system functions temperature monitoring and receives both ResistanceTemperature Detector and Thermocouple temperature inputs. The system modules condition these inputs. They compare them against user-programmable alarm setpoints.

133819-02 Functional Description

  • Thermocouple (TC) and Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) temperature inputs are both supported by the GE / Bently Nevada 3500/60 and 3500/61 Series Temperature Monitors Modules, which offer six channels of temperature monitoring. These inputs are conditionally compared to user-programmable alarm setpoints by the modules. The only difference between the 3500/60 and 3500/61 is that the latter has recorder outputs for each of its six channels, whereas the former does not.
  • Using the 3500 Rack Configuration Software, the user configures the modules to conduct RTD or TC temperature readings. There are variations of several I/O modules that are RTD/TC non-isolated or TC isolated. The RTD/TC non-isolated version can be configured to take inputs that are either TC, RTD, or a combination of TC and RTD. Channel-to-channel isolation of 250 Vdc is provided by the TC isolated version to safeguard against outside interference.
  • Temperature monitors must be installed next to one another in groups of three when utilized in a Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) setup. The system uses two different voting methods when set up in this way to guarantee accuracy and prevent single-point failures.

133819-02 Features

  • If the 3500 system is operated in an environment with an ambient temperature above +35C, the available full-scale range will be decreased when utilizing either of the isolated thermocouple I/O modules (-03 or -04 I/O ordering option).
  • The range will be lowered to -76F to +1832F, or -60C to +1000C. The system will not operate effectively in this situation, hence it should not be set up to operate with these settings. Rack configuration software will allow the user to configure a channel down to -100C

Product Attributes

  • 6 Temperature Monitoring Channels
  • Temperature Inputs: Each Channel's (3500/61) Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) and Thermocouple (TC) Recorder Outputs
  • Versions that are RTD/TC Non-Isolated or TC Isolated

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What is Bently Nevada 133819-02?
133819-02 is an RTD/TC Temp I/O Module developed by General Electric.

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