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126648-02 - Isolated Keyphasor I/O Module

126648-02 -  Isolated Keyphasor I/O Module 126648-02 -  Isolated Keyphasor I/O Module

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Part Number: 126648-02
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Series: 3500
Product Type: Isolated Keyphasor I/O Module (External Terminations)
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)

126648-02 is an Isolated Keyphasor I/O Module with External Terminations. It is designed for use with magnetic pickups developed by Bently Nevada. The Isolated Keyphasor I/O module is intended for use in applications where Keyphasor signals are connected in parallel to multiple devices and require isolation from other systems, such as a control system. The Isolated I/O module was designed for Magnetic Pickup applications, but it is also compatible with and will provide isolation for Proximitor applications if an external power supply is used.

126648-02 Features

  • The purpose of this I/O module was to measure shaft speed rather than phase. The module can provide phase measurements, but the phase shift introduced by this I/O is slightly greater than that of the Non-Isolated I/O version.
  • When the Keyphasor mark on the shaft coincides with the Keyphasor transducer, the module receives input signals from proximity probes or magnetic pickups and converts them to digital Keyphasor signals. A keyphasor signal is a pulse delivered once or multiple times per turn by a rotating shaft or gear to provide precise timing measurement. 3500 monitor modules and external diagnostic equipment can now measure shaft rotative speed and vector parameters like 1X vibration amplitude and phase.

Input Specifications

Power Consumption
3.2 Watts typical

Each Keyphasor Module can accept up to two signals from proximity probe transducers or magnetic pickups. Non-isolated I/O modules have an input signal range of +0.8 V to -21.0 V, while isolated I/O modules have an input signal range of +5V to -11V. Signals that exceed this range are limited internally by the module. A shaft rotational speed of more than 200 rpm is required for passive magnetic pickups.

Input Impedance
21.8 k Ω minimum

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What is Bently Nevada 126648-02?
126648-02 is an Isolated Keyphasor I/O Module with External Terminations.

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